Practitioner Diploma in Reflexology – FHT Accreditation

Course Fee &/or Booking Deposit: 500.00

A practitioner Diploma in Reflexology from Deirdre Murray Holistic is recognised internationally and is an accepted world-wide qualification as a professional kite-mark of excellence.  It certifies that the therapist is professionally trained to the highest standards and qualified to work as a reflexologist as self-employed, sub-contractor, or as a spa or salon therapist at home or abroad.  This Diploma will also enable the therapist to attain independent professional indemnity insurance, and membership of an established professional representative organisation such as the Irish Reflexologists Institute.

Course Fee: €1550- (2024)

Booking Deposit: €500-

Stage Payments also available on request.

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The ancient healing art of Reflexology has been practiced by many diverse cultures for thousands of years.  The origins of the therapy are unclear but it is thought to have been first practiced by the early Chinese and Egyptian people so presumed that its roots lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The earliest recorded evidence of a treatment is from wall art found at the tomb of Ankmahor dating back to 2330 BC in Saqqara, Egypt.  In the 16th century two eminent German physicians Dr. Adamus and Dr. A’tatis published their research on ‘Zone Therapy’.

Dr. William Fitzgerald, (1872-1942) was an American ENT Consultant who trained extensively in Europe & London in the early 20th century.  He introduced the ancient art of Zone Therapy to the medical world.  Along with Dr. Edwin Bowers they published a joint paper in 1917 identifying 10 longitudinal zones on the feet reflecting the body.  Dr. Joseph Shelby-Riley researched the theory further and introduced the horizontal zones of in 1920.

Eunice Ingham (1889–1974) developed the precise zone pathways.  She observed that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrored congestion or tension in a related part of the body.  She wrote two books Stories the feet can tell (1938) and Stories the feet have told (1951).  Doreen Bailey studied with Eunice Ingham and brought Reflexology to the UK.  Her school is still at the root of the British Reflexology Association.  Nicola Hall took over its direction in 1979 and introduced Reflexology to Ireland in the early 1980’s.  


  • Brings balance and harmony to the body
  • Energises and revitalises all the subtle energies
  • Nourishment helps to replenish and soothe the nervous system
  • Encourages deep relaxation of the body mind and spirit
  • Facilitates the feel good factor physically & emotionally
  • Initiates and assists with clearing toxins from the body
  • The effects of stress and tension are released
  • Stimulates the circulatory system to improve circulation and mobility 

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a study which believes that the body is represented as a mirror image on the feet, reflecting every organ and representing it through a series of specific points. Precise techniques on these points help to balance the energy, release tension and assist the body to seek its own equilibrium. This activates the body’s inner healing system, restoring the free flow of energy, and promoting sustainable well-being.  Based on the theory of ‘Zonal Therapy’ reflexology shares the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of imbalances association to ill-health. It aims to restore & balance subtle energies in line with the existing eastern influences of TCM.

Crystalline waste deposits of calcium and uric acid can congest reflex points resulting in a ‘peculiar’ feeling at these specific points. Working the points helps break down the deposits, encourage elimination and stimulates circulation. Reflexology induces deep relaxation and encourages the body to return to a state of calm assisted by deepening the breath and slowing the heart rate.  It is widely recognised that stress is the cornerstone of all major illness today and Deirdre firmly believes that reflexology is the perfect antidote to relieving stress.

As a student of Deirdre Murray Holistic you will learn from a series of detailed step-by-step foot charts outlining 100 ‘reflex points’ representing all the systems of the body.  This prepares the student for the presentations most likely to be encountered while carrying out a reflexology treatment either as a student or qualified practitioner.

  • Duration

10 months duration with bi-annual intakes –

    • Due to Covid-19 the course dates and schedule have been disrupted because of the nature of the training and the government requirements for social distancing. It is hoped to resume to pre Covid-19 status when government regulations allow.  In the meantime theory lectures are conducted via the zoom platform on one evening per week.  Practical workshops will only be carried out strictly complying to all social distancing protocol while adhering to all government recommendations in order to maintain the health and safety of all attending.
  • Venue
    • Woodville Sligo
    • Zoom training platform when necessary during Covid-19 restrictions
    • The training space is located approx 2km from Sligo town with ample off-road secure free parking. It consists of a theory room and a separate fully equipped practical room, along with private kitchen and toilet facilities.
    • The Theory room has been adapted and is specifically used for holistic training. It accommodates up to 12 learners comfortably.  Lecture settings can be either in formation or individual.   All lectures are delivered through power-point presentation.  Situated on the ground floor it has easy access and ample ventilation.  The space is warm, quiet and comfortable and lends itself to constructive learning.  It consists of a holistic library with over 200 titles on holistic health.
    • The practical therapy room is a fully equipped bright warm cosy space, with a very private quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It sets the tone for holistic therapies, and is an ideal space for getting to grips with the practical techniques and sequences taught on the course.  The students get the opportunity to swop treatments with the bonus of getting to experience the treatment of other student therapists.  The space is equipped with full therapy couches for the added safety and comfort of the students and clients alike.  It represents a clinical setting which instils the professionalism of the training provided on the course.
    • Under normal circumstances practical classes take place on regular training days but in the current Covid-19 restrictions a larger venue has been secured to enable the class to get together under the strict government guidelines of social distancing specifically to ensure a 2m distance between practicing therapists.
  • Cost
    • €1,5000 (2023) – €500 Non-refundable Booking Deposit is required
    • Stage Payments also available on request.
  • Course Hours

125 Contact Hours with additional study hours required for case studies, research and assignments over the duration of the course.

  • Accreditation to
    • Reflexology Practitioner Diploma is Accredited to the Federation of Holistic Therapists – (FHT) –
    • In addition, it is recognised by
      • Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRIL)
      • Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland ( ARCHTI)
      • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
      • National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland ( NRRI)
      • Association of Reflexologists UK (AoR)

A practitioner Diploma in Reflexology from Deirdre Murray Holistic is recognised internationally and is an accepted world-wide qualification as a professional kite-mark of excellence.  It certifies that the therapist is professionally trained to the highest standards and qualified to work as a reflexologist as self-employed, sub-contractor, or as a spa or salon therapist at home or abroad.  This Diploma will also enable the therapist to attain independent professional indemnity insurance, and membership of an established professional representative organisation such as the Irish Reflexologists Institute.

  • Examination Process
    • Deirdre Murray Holistic is proud to carry out an external examination process. This assures the student can have confidence in an independent verification symbolising the quality and standard of the course and teaching and can display their qualification with honour.  Everything the student needs to know for their exam is taught on the course.  There is no need for adults returning to education to be concerned as the student is prepared and supported in the examination process with sample exam papers while the process facilitates all learning styles.
    • The granting of an FHT Reflexology Practitioner Diploma from Deirdre Murray Holistic is dependent on the successful candidate completing the 5 part external Examination Process and includes
      • Continuous Assessment
      • Written Exam Paper
      • Practical Exam
      • Case Studies
      • Oral Assessment with external examiner

Module I – Anatomy & Physiology

In this module the student will learn the fundamental and essential tools for the practice of Reflexology.  Anatomy is the study of the structures that make up the human body while physiology is the study of how things work.  To understand the workings and inner structures one must first understand its contents including how and why the various parts work and the role they play in keeping the body healthyThis module covers the 12 primary systems of the body. The student will learn about each individual system as well as the interconnection between each system and how they can assist and support a reflexology treatment.  

Module II – Reflexology Theory & Practice

In this module the student will learn the required knowledge of the theory and practice of the therapy with emphasis on its practical application and understanding of giving a reflexology treatment.  The students will learn the origins of the therapy, and its practice world-wide from early times to the present day including its association to other forms of energy work based on the meridian and chakra system of the body.  The student will learn to develop their intuition and work from their Hara to help support their reflexology treatments.  In addition the student will learn how to identify the inter-relationship of the imbalances found during a treatment as well as the energetic imbalances.  This theory and practice module equips the therapist with the knowledge of providing a professional treatment with care, while taking all the benefits, limitations, contraindications and cautions into consideration.  

Module III – Pathology

In this module the student will learn an extensive range (in excess of 300) of medical conditions and diseases of the human body which a therapist is most likely to encounter during the course of their work.  It takes into account the symptoms presented by the client, the causes and effects of the condition and it also outlines the current conventional treatments.

Module IV – Clinic Room Practice

In this module the student will learn the practical elements and expectations for the efficient and safe running of a Reflexology practice.  It is delivered in line with current legislation and incorporates all policies, procedures, code of ethics and conduct fitting of a reflexologist in line with the accreditation of a reputable representative therapy association such as the Irish Reflexologists Institute.  The student will learn the necessary skills of setting up a business including Advertising, Marketing & Development techniques.  Deirdre has professional qualifications in Business, and has been in business for over 24 years.  This ensures the student will learn the required protocol of setting up their own private practice.  It will also address exposing business to a variety of circumstances which could broaden employment opportunities and create a supportive and sustainable income stream for any future career.  

Module V – Case Studies

The Case Study module is the presentation in writing of all the fats, findings, summaries and conclusions reached by the student at the end of a specified number of treatments.  In this module the student will learn to demonstrate their knowledge of the theory and practice of reflexology gained throughout their course of study enabling them to adapt the training to suit the variety of clinical presentations which may be experienced during a professional career.  The student will learn the necessary skills of taking a constructive consultation and developing a personalised treatment plan specific to an individual while documenting all the findings and outcomes in a structured way.  In this module the student will learn to express their own research and opinions and demonstrate their understanding of their assessment, evaluation, interpretations and conclusion as presented by the client throughout the study.

Deirdre Murray Holistic 

Deirdre Murray established her training school in Sligo in 2006.  The accreditation for the Diploma in Reflexology course, content, and venue were examined by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute, the primary association representing Reflexologists in Ireland. The ethos of the school has always been to provide the highest possible level of professionalism to each and every student, coupled with individual attention to detail while maintaining the holism and purity of the therapy itself.  All courses are designed by Reflexologists for Reflexologists.  In 2011 the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute discontinued its accreditation programme and support structure for the education of Reflexology in Ireland and so the school had to seek an alternative accreditation programme for its course (originally drawn up in line with the ethos and teaching of the Institute based on the renowned teaching and understanding of the therapy by Eunice Ingham).  

In 2012 the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) became the main accreditation body for the Diploma Course and Deirdre Murray Holistic was the first reflexology school registered in Ireland to meet the strict criteria and offer this accreditation. FHT is an internationally recognised organisation.  It is the leading and largest therapy association for Holistics in Ireland and the UK.  It offers the highest standard and quality of training available with emphasis on professional standards.  It holds recognition within the holistic industry internationally.  Deirdre chose this accreditation because of this exceptionally high standard and now teaches FHT Diploma and Certificate levels in addition to many holistic CPD courses.

The School has an excellent reputation and is the preferred location of choice for holistic training in the North West of Ireland.  Students travel from many counties to attend the variety of holistic training courses on offer in this holistic centre of excellence.  It is also recognised by all the leading therapy organisations including 

  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd
  • Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland
  • Irish Massage Therapy Association
  • Association of Reflexologists (UK)
  • National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland 

Deirdre Murray Tutor 

Deirdre Murray is a practicing Reflexologist and member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI) since 1997.  She opened her private practice in Sligo town in 2000 offering a range of holistic therapies.  From 2006-2011 Deirdre was an active member of the IRI Schools Committee which was motivational in maintaining the highest standard of training and education in Reflexology in Ireland.  She was appointed Director/Educational Officer of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute in 2016 and has held that voluntary post to date.

She has trained extensively in all aspects of Holistic Health over the past 24 years, and holds qualifications and practices the following therapies at her private clinical practice:-

Reflexology, (including Advanced, Hand Reflexology, Cancer Care, Clinical, Multiple Sclerosis, Maternity, Infertility, Pregnancy, and Foot Reading), Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu-TCM, Thai Foot Massage, Sotaii, Moxibustion & Cupping, Auricular Therapy, Hot Stone, Lava Shell and Heated Bamboo Massage.

In addition to her private clinical practice, Deirdre provides holistic treatments to service users with MS and other neurological conditions at MS North West Therapy Centre in Sligo & also at Woodhaven Holiday Support Facility She has 8 years experience of working with palliative care at North West Hospice.

Experiencing the many benefits of regular Reflexology treatments for women, Deirdre did extensive research and courses on Reflexology for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, and recognises the many benefits that holistic treatment can bring to women at any stage of life.

  • Recognising the need for a therapy support group, Deirdre founded the ‘Woodville Network’ of holistic therapists in 2009 in order to support therapists of the North West, particularly those newly qualified, and to promote the therapy of Reflexology. She hosts network meetings in her school on a monthly basis where treatment swops, discussions, presentations, and demonstrations take place. It’s an opportunity for therapists to gain the valuable CPD points to be compliant with their annual association membership renewal requirements. This facility is open to all qualified therapists and all are welcome.
  • Deirdre has organised specialist post graduate training courses brining Irish and International tutors to Sligo and attended by therapists from the four corners of Ireland. This has facilitated the progression, growth, and quality of reflexology in Ireland.
  • As a therapist Deirdre is a registered member of
    • The Irish Reflexologists Institute,
    • Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK),
    • Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland,
    • Irish Massage Therapy Association. 
  • Deirdre has undertaken instruction and training in Niche Reflexology studies with the following National and International tutors who specialise in various aspects of Reflexology Training 
    • Beryl Crane – Canada
    • Chris Stormer-Fryer – South Africa
    • Jesus Manzanares – Spain
    • Peter Mackereth – UK
    • Jane Sheehan – UK
    • Lua McIllraith – Ireland
    • Martina Barrett – Ireland
    • Mauricio Kruchik – Israel
    • Pat Hickey – Ireland
    • Pauline O’Hagan – Ireland
  • During the recent Covid-19 pandemic the Irish Government through FICTA (Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations) required therapy representative organisations to compile a set of guidelines for the safe return to work of therapists with particular emphasis on health and safety protocols and standard operating procedures. Deirdre was a member of a small working group from the IRI Board of Directors that played a pivotal role in adapting, compiling and presenting these documents on behalf of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute to its members which was favourably received and provided guidance for the safe return to work. 

FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists

  • The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the UK’s largest professional association representing thousands of therapists while ensuring high standards in therapy education and practice since 1962. They support a broad range of specialisms – from sports and remedial therapies, to complementary healthcare and holistic beauty treatments – the FHT is the association of choice for professional therapists. 

The FHT is governed by an elected council of members who oversee a permanent team of FHT staff, many of whom are also qualified therapists.  At the heart of every decision and service provided by FHT is to help support, advance and protect the members interests and career progression as professional therapists. 

IRIL – Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

  • The Irish Reflexologists’ Institute was established in Ireland in 1985 based on the teachings of Eunice Ingham and the Association of Reflexologists UK. The organisation was set up to promote, train, monitor and maintain the standards of the therapy in Ireland.  Today it is the only non-profit organisation representing Reflexologists in Ireland.  It is run by a voluntary Board of Directors, all qualified reflexologists’ taken from the membership of the organisation, who are voted in by the members at its Annual General Meeting. 
  • The organisation aims to protect, improve and preserve holistic health by promoting the knowledge, practice education and expertise of reflexology. It acts in an advisory role to both its members and the public on Reflexology issues, and maintains a register of therapists who are trained to a professional standard in both Reflexology and First Aid, and are fully insured in line with Government legislation for the industry. It continues to regulate the professional and ethical standards while recognising all methods of treatment consistent with the guidelines set out by the organisation. It promotes the education and maintains exceptional high standards of practice which greatly enhances the growth and development of the therapy. The IRI is a member of FICTA in Ireland and RIEN in Europe to further advance the promotion and development of the therapy. Further information is available at

 ARCHTI – Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland

ARCHTI is a non-profit voluntary multi-therapy representative organisation for fully qualified, insured and accredited professional holistic therapists in Ireland.  It provides support to its members from the four corners of Ireland to protect their need to practice while promoting the voluntary self-regulating sector in Ireland.

General Information

The syllabus is quite extensive covering every aspect necessary for the newly qualified therapist to practice the therapy independently with confidence and autonomy. All modules are delivered through power point presentations along with teaching aids and demonstrations. Please see ‘Modules’ for more information.

Open Clinic Days

Deirdre introduced open clinic days as an integral part of reflexology training from the very first Diploma training course. This facility represents a unique learning opportunity for the students as they experience treating unknown clients in a supported supervised clinical setting with every aspect monitored by the tutor. Students have reported this being a very valued practical learning experience which has prepared them for embarking on their own private practice.

Course Books & Charts

  • Course Notes are provided with all lectures
  • School Charts & Olive Gentleman Charts (available from the School/IRIL)
  • Introductory Guide to Reflexology – Louise Tucker (reference only)
  • Reflexology Guide – Laura Norman (reference only)
  • Reflexology Guide – Chris Stormer (reference only)
  • Reference books are available through the School Library

Equipment / Materials Required for Training

  • Practical Sessions – Kit bag containing
    • 1 large flat sheet
    • 1 pillow with pillow case
    • 1 light-weight throw
    • 2 small supports (knees & ankles)
    • 2 small hand towels
    • Baby wipes/wet ones
    • Jar Coconut oil with dispenser stick
    • Clip-board, pen, pencil, & markers
  • Theory Sessions
    • A4 folder with polly-pockets
    • Jotter, pens, highlighters etc

School Library

The school is happy to share its extensive library with the students which has in excess of 200 books on Holistic and Reflexology studies. These are available ‘on loan’ to students during the course of their study. This enables the student to access authors work on specialist topics which are not generally readily available through the local library service. This facility represents the ‘Trust’ which is fundamental to holism and the teaching of Reflexology. It forms the whole basis and ethos that is engrained into the fabric of the school.

Recommended Reading List (not exclusive)

  • Reflexology A Way to Better Health – Nicola M. Hall
  • Stories the Feet Can Tell – Eunice D. Ingham
  • Stories the Feet have Told – Eunice D. Ingham
  • Reflexology Today – Doreen E. Bayly
  • An Introductory Guide to Reflexology – Louise Tucker
  • A Busy Person’s Guide to Reflexology – Ann Gillanders
  • Reflexology A Step-by-Step Guide – Nicola Hall
  • Reflexology A Practical Guide – Joanna Trevelyan
  • Reflexology for Women – Nicola Hall
  • Reflexology for Children – Kevin & Barbara Kunz
  • Hand & Foot Reflexology – Kevin & Barbara Kunz
  • The Reflexology Bible – Louise Keet
  • Reflexology Case History Book – Renee Tanner
  • The Body Mind Workbook – Debbie Shapiro
  • Reflexology & Acupressure – Janet Wright
  • Vertical Reflexology – Lynne Booth
  • Simply Reflexology – Claire Wynn
  • Reflexology Denise – Whichello Brown
  • Reflexology Guide – Laura Norman
  • Reflexology Guide – Chris Stormer
  • Reading Toes – Imre Somogyi
  • The Foot Reading Coach – Jane Sheehan
  • An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology – Louise Tucker
  • Anatomy & Physiology – Ruth Hull
  • The Human Body Book – Steve Parker / DK
  • The Optimum Nutritional Bible – Patrick Holford
  • Auras & Colours – Paul Lambillion
  • Heal your Body – Louise Hay
  • The Healing Touch – Mark Evans


From the first day I spoke with Deirdre, I can say that she has been professional, thorough, friendly and knowledgeable, which is why I selected her to be my Reflexology teacher.  Just after my enrolment Covid-19 arrived and Deirdre was found to seamlessly adapt her conventional teaching to online teaching and in between lockdown host teaching sessions at her fabulous premises in Sligo, to the highest of Covid-19 safety standards, whilst still being relaxed, welcoming and enjoyable. Since commencing my study of Reflexology, I have gained wonderful theory and practical skills, above and beyond my expectations and above all else a genuine love for Reflexology, which is largely due to Deirdre’s excellent and precise advice and guidance. I look forward to progressing my learning and growing my confidence with Reflexology in the coming months. I would highly recommend Deirdre to anyone thinking of studying Reflexology.


I would highly recommend Deirdre Murray’s School of Reflexology.  I am currently a student with Deirdre.  She is very professional and dedicated, warm, fun and caring.  The content of the course is excellent with Assignments which help you build on your knowledge.  Deirdre has been very supportive and helpful throughout and even though, due to Covid we had to do a lot of the course on Zoom, thanks to Deirdre’s determination, we not only learned the Anatomy and Physiology, we managed to learn the practical also.  We got to meet at the School on 2 separate occasions and I was very impressed with the layout and decor, very conducive to learning and carrying out a Reflexology Treatment.   Deirdre is very informative, with years of experience and knowledge.  It is obvious that she loves teaching.  The course is very reasonably priced.  We were given handouts for each session to back up our learning.  The practical sessions were broken down into sections so that we could learn at a very manageable pace.  I will be finished the course in April and have gained so much confidence in the last few months.  Deirdre has a lovely relaxed approach to teaching which gave me the reassurance I needed at the start of the course.  She has taught us to read and treat the feet, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  This has been a great life experience and I am so happy I chose to do Reflexology with Deirdre and look forward to doing more courses with her once I have completed this course.


Deirdre Murray reflexology course offers a warm friendly professional environment. All lessons are well prepared and delivered by Deirdre who has managed to do this with all the Covid19 precautions in place. Deirdre is always available for queries and questions. And her knowledge of reflexology is vast. Highly recommended!


I highly recommend Deirdre as a tutor. I am studying reflexology and Deirdre has turned my interest in reflexology into a passion. Deirdre is a very experienced practitioner in holistic therapies and extremely knowledgeable on both the theoretical and practical aspects of holistic therapies. Deirdre is a very passionate and enthusiastic tutor with a genuine interest in her students.

Mary K

I am 4 months into my reflexology course with Deirdre Murray Holistic and I am enjoying the course very much.  The course is extensive and we have a lot of material to cover but we have 10 months to complete it. At no time have I felt overwhelmed, Deirdre has been delivering the course in a very manageable manner. Our weekly zoom class is working very well for me and Deirdre is using PowerPoint to deliver our course material. All the work we cover in the class and any extra material we might need is sent via email to us so we can study it in our own time.  Deirdre is always planning ahead and dedicated to delivering a very high standard course. The workshops  have been invaluable for the hands on teaching they offer and the venue was appropriate and meet all the health & safety guidelines for Covid 19. Deirdre’s style of teaching just clicked with me and her openness to impart all her years of experience and knowledge with us was wonderful. Deirdre has made herself available to us via phone or email at any time if we have any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Reflexology. 


I had been interested in learning more about reflexology for many years but doubted my ability to be a holistic healer. My lack of confidence evaporated from the first conversation I had with Deirdre as I was immediately put at ease and did not hesitate to register for the Reflexology Course with Deirdre Murray Holistic.  The structure of the course is appealing in that lectures take place in the evenings and practical sessions are held at weekends. The course content covers all aspects of reflexology from its history and development to current day practice and procedures, massage techniques, pathology, anatomy and physiology.  Each topic is broken down and explained thoroughly through lectures, images, Power-point presentations, recommended reading and group discussions. Lectures are always interesting and Deirdre provides a very open and supportive learning space where every question is valid and answered with equal measure. The practical sessions (which were held in between lockdowns) are very enjoyable allowing the class to meet and learn from each other in a safe, comfortable learning environment.  This enables us students to explore the practical elements of reflexology in a guided and supportive setting. Deirdre is an inspirational practitioner and tutor, and very professional in her approach to the practice and teaching of reflexology. Her passion and enthusiasm for the subject is evident in each class and she makes the whole learning experience so much more enjoyable. She is always available to advise and reassure us as we progress through the course. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in reflexology or interested to learn more about reflexology and holistic wellbeing.


Deirdre’s reflexology course is structured very well and is so flexible to the needs of the students.  As a mother of 3, I wasn’t sure if I could juggle the course along with everything else but Deirdre is so supportive of her students and their needs, it makes it so manageable. Deirdre has successfully delivered our course, ahead of schedule, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, in a safe and effective way by using online teaching and hosting practical sessions in the great facilities in Sligo when restrictions allow for same.  Deirdre’s teaching style has taken into consideration, our individual learning styles which she assessed at the start of the course. The course is very interesting and enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.


I come from a nursing background and studied sports and remedial massage therapy in 2013. To complement my therapies I decided to commence a course in Reflexology.  After researching courses I made contact with Deirdre Murray, she was very knowledgeable  experienced and passionate about reflexology . Deirdre forwarded the structure of the course and payment plans to commence the course. It is now five months into the course. The course has being delivered through blended learning, on line classes as well as practical sessions. There is a substantive amount of theory to get through however it does help with understanding the practical techniques of reflexology. Deirdre is supportive and encouraging to all the students on the course. I’m thoroughly enjoying the course and looking forward to the next few months ahead.


Deirdre is a wonderful teacher. She puts so much time and effort into her students and is always willing to help whenever it is needed. The course is very reasonably priced especially given all the work Deirdre does for her students from the content/practical’s/guidance/venues/adhering to current government guide lines, it’s worth every cent. For anyone hoping to become a reflexologist I would strongly recommend you start that journey with a passionate, thoughtful, caring and thorough teacher like Deirdre Murray.


What the graduates say

Graduates of Deirdre Murray Holistic have reported that this course is more than just a reflexology training course.  It has exceeded their expectations and has opened the door to many who choose to work with the therapy in a clinical setting, by paving the way for further advanced post graduate training in Reflexology and other Holistic Therapies.  Without exception they have reported changes for the better in many aspects of their lives, including

  • personal growth and development
  • self care
  • understanding and relationships
  • health and lifestyle changes
  • the concept of having a holistic perspective on life
  • meeting new friends with similar interests, and particularly
  • the ability to believe in themselves in achieving something that they always wanted to do

This is what the graduates had to say about the course as outlined in the following graduate testimonials:

I am a graduate from the Deirdre Murray Reflexology Academy Class of 2019/2020.  This course was everything that I expected it to be and more. Where do I start? When commencing a new course there is going to be uncertainty and apprehension and it takes a certain kind of individual to instil calm to their students. Deirdre inspired confidence to all of us and had a gentle, considerate, and supportive manner to each individual.  The detail of the course was challenging but necessary. Deirdre was able to guide us through the content required with ease using power point presentations which was meticulous in delivery. Handouts were given every day on the learning content which was the perfect tool for revision coming up to exams. The venue was beautiful and well equipped and I eagerly looked forward to the practical aspect of the course which followed in the afternoon, which was upstairs and was so tranquil and inviting. I felt on occasion overwhelmed by the work, but Deirdre was reassuring, giving me the confidence that I had the ability to complete the tasks. Despite the emergence of Covid 19 it did not deter or prevent us completing the course and Deirdre kept us updated on events. I am delighted that I completed this course. It has impacted in a very positive way on my whole perspective on life in general. I am looking forward to the future when I can practise and treat clients and show them the benefits of Reflexology.

Berni Bryan
Co. Galway

I have just completed my Reflexology Practitioner Diploma with the Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology, and I am absolutely thrilled to have chosen Deirdre for my course. To say that Deirdre is a wealth of knowledge is an understatement. Having trained and worked in multiple holistic modalities, Deirdre’s knowledge and passion shines through in every way, and you know that the training that you receive is firmly rooted in all of that expertise. Our particular class had the added layer of working through the Covid-19 restrictions. Deirdre adapted our course with ease, having regular zoom calls with us, and many extra hours for exam preparation. The case study element of the course is extremely thorough, and as a student, this is where you get to apply all of your learning. By choosing the Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology for your course, you can be confident that you will be completely prepared to head out into the world as a qualified Reflexologist. Thank you Deirdre!

Kathy Campbell
Co. Mayo

I’ve just completed my Diploma in Reflexology with Deirdre Murray and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She is an excellent teacher and keeps you engaged in every aspect of the course. If you’re lucky enough like me to meet some great new friends along the way it’s just the icing on the cake ! If you’re thinking about doing this course just go for it… I have never been happier and prouder of myself and Wow !! the amount of things I have learned. I’ve wanted to train in Reflexology for years and finally took the plunge last year but what made me even happier was that I choose to do it with Deirdre she is amazing and will be with you every step of the way. I’ve fallen in love with this form of therapy even more and can’t wait to get started.

Jane Cawley
Co. Mayo

I have always been drawn to reflexology and decided to undertake a course with Deirdre Murray’s School of Reflexology in 2019. Deirdre is a wealth of knowledge, delivering a course to very high standards, which is underpinned by polices/procedures and a strong code of ethics.

Deirdre initially identified each student’s learning style, incorporating this into the excellent delivery of the extensive course content, through handouts, power point presentation, practical/hands on and a library of literature. The course was demanding, with theory and practical, but Deirdre provided excellent support, motivating and encouraging one to continue and look forward to the end goal.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, made life long friends and would strongly recommend anyone to take this course. It has given me the confidence and ability to now preform Reflexology in the professional manner as it was taught.

Esther Rogers-Culkin
Co. Mayo

After a long time wanting to do Reflexology, I am just finished the course and I am very grateful to Deirdre for all the help and support throughout it. Deirdre’s classes are designed to suit a variety of different learning styles and at all times Deirdre keeps it both practical and interesting. I have learned so much from this course and feel more than ready to work in the sector. I also have the comfort of knowing that the support from Deirdre continues after the course.  I also met wonderful friends on the way and we had some great laughs. I highly recommend Deirdre Murray Holistic Training Academy.

Rose Quinn
Co. Sligo

Deirdre was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and it was the best recommendation I ever got.  I have just completed my Diploma course in Reflexology and did my exam on Sunday, and I found Deirdre to be both passionate about Reflexology and her students .A very informative lady of many talents and beautiful rooms for her class both upstairs and downstairs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre and her Reflexology course to anyone that is interested in doing it.  Have trained with a fantastic bunch of girls and cannot believe how much knowledge I have obtained since September. Thanks Deirdre

Imelda Flemming
Co. Roscommon

Having completed the diploma course in reflexology with Deirdre, I found that this course exceeded all my expectations from initial contact with the tutor to the final exam. The course itself was held on Sundays and the tutor ensured all students were happy with the time and venue. The venue was a very open and warm with a homely environment. The course was rolled out over 9 months in a timely structured and professional manner. All notes were handed out over the course and no question was ever unanswered. Our tutor Deirdre epitomises professionalism. Her attention to detail and willingness to impart information over and above the requirements of the course was something I found truly amazing. Deirdre was on hand at any time we had questions. The course overall provides excellent value for money. To anyone seeking to complete a diploma in reflexology I would not look beyond Deirdre. I found this truly rewarding. Best Wishes on your Reflexology Journey!

Margaret Brady
Co. Longford

I completed my Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course with Deirdre in 2018. I had no previous background in reflexology and Deirdre was so helpful when I first made that phone call to enquire about the course. She is a very talented and experienced Reflexologist. This comes through in her ability to teach the theory involved in the course in a practical and relevant way. All modules have easily accessible handouts and power-points along with all important practical sessions included in every class. The minute I walk into Deirdre’s classroom I was immediately at ease with the friendly greeting, relaxed atmosphere and comfortable setting. Since graduating, I have had compliments from other Reflexologist on my technique, which is all down to Deirdre’s impeccable standards and ability to transfer her knowledge to others so easily. Before signing up, I wasn’t sure if I could manage work and study but the course is laid out in such a way that this is very possible. The class sizes are small ensuring lots of time to create a support group among the students and engage one to one with Deirdre’s expertise also. I have gained so much from this course not only in my ability to practice Reflexology but also in my overall holistic approach to working with and healing others. I would not hesitate to recommend the Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology if you are looking to enrol in a highly professional accredited Reflexology course.

Gráinne McLoughlin
Co. Sligo

Very knowledgeable therapist and tutor, offering a very high standard in the many therapies she offers as well as the courses she teaches.  I highly recommend Deirdre’s treatments and her Reflexology Training Academy.

Fergus Beirne
Co. Sligo

The Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology was recommended to me by a practising reflexologist in January 2017. I started my Diploma Course that April and it finished in March 2018. We had training days every 3-4 weeks, off-site study and research.  This culminated in a written, practical, case study and oral examination. 

Deirdre’s professional focused approach was evident as she communicated clearly regarding the course details. We were given detailed handouts, visual and audio presentations, access to 3D anatomy models and to Deirdre’s own vast knowledge and library of resources. The option to pay over a period of months was also beneficial.  Being close to Sligo town, the tranquil setting is an ideal location for a course of holistic study. The venue itself is bright and airy with a large open learning space, the warmth added to by a stove which is very welcome on cold winter mornings! A separate space, fully equipped with a number of high spec couches is ideal for the practical elements of the training while the kitchen with free teas and coffees was a lovely oasis during the short breaks. 

The expected standard of student engagement is outlined from the outset. Students are introduced to the relevant policies including Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment & Health and Safety, Complaints Procedures, Equal Opportunities, Anti Bullying and Confidentiality. These policies were built upon as we established a practice policy, ethics, record keeping, customer service, business, treatment preparation and dealing with clients as future Reflexologists. 

I felt the group contract created a firm basis for our group of four’s development and subsequent bond. Our responsibilities were defined with emphasis on participation, respect, commitment, confidentiality and enjoyment. Each student’s learning style was accommodated and was reflected in the teaching methods. This coupled with Deirdre’s own natural warmth, created an environment which was inclusive and conducive to learning and fun. This all led to a bonding which became very supportive both in-class, and when we met to practise our treatment techniques and revise course content. We continue to keep in contact. 

Deirdre’s passion for reflexology and her in-depth knowledge shines through and creates an infectious enthusiasm which motivated us. As a tutor, she delivers concise, targeted lesson plans with a variety of teaching approaches. We were also directed to a wide selection of on-line facilities and access to her own holistic library. I feel that Deirdres’ students are at the cutting edge of current best practice in reflexology as she shares insights from her involvement with her local Network and The Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd. I can understand why she is the Education Officer of the IRIL. 

I enjoyed the balance of theory, practice and research which kept us engaged. I thought I’d never learn the treatment sequences but with practise it fell into place. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation of receiving a treatment!! The Anatomy and Physiology sections were thorough, and the students who hadn’t a strong basis in it were well supported.  The case studies formed an integral part of the training. It was amazing to see the convergence of theory and practice as we worked on ten different people.   I loved the aspects of the course which dealt with the Emotional Body! I have a particular interest in this area and it linked in with the energy healing study which I have done in Integrated Energy Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Healing Beyond Borders. The elements relating to stress, holistic health, therapeutic touch, self-care and wellness were well considered and are very relevant today, personally, and as a practising reflexologist. 

I am delighted I did this training with Deirdre. The course was extensive but I felt well prepared to undertake a reflexology practice. It formed a wonderful basis and springboard for me to undertake courses in Reflexology for Women’s Health and Fertility Reflexology. I intend to study Reflexology for Cancer care at a future date. When not working professionally, I have found my reflexology skills very useful and of great benefit particularly to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Sheila O’Grady
Co. Mayo

I highly recommend choosing the ‘Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology’ for training to become a reflexologist. Deirdre provides a very in depth course in an easy to understand and interesting manner. Learning about the inner workings of the body from head to toe has been so beneficial for dealing with clients as well as being a fascinating and fun learning experience for us as a group, marvelling at the wonders of the human body. Deirdre provided the perfect balance of ‘hands on the feet’ and theory, I came away from each lesson feeling we covered a lot of ground without feeling overwhelmed. The Powerpoint presentations and notes provided at each lesson could not be faulted. Deirdre has a lovely spacious place for conducting the teaching with a separate area for theory and hands on, she always had the stove lit for our arrival and the kettle was to hand. Deirdre herself is a fabulous teacher, she made it easy for me to learn and provided not only an enjoyable course but a very comprehensive one enabling us graduates to confidently build our own practice. I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained from her. – Louise McHale (

Louise McHale
Co. Mayo

A few years ago a friend talked me into enrolling in Deirdre’s Reflexology course because she thought it would be a great addition to my Nutritional Therapy business. The location and weekend study suited me, and I was keen to learn more about the benefits of Reflexology – I had treatment before for different ailments and found Reflexology wonderful for pain relief.  Deirdre’s course was everything I hoped it would be. The school premises are very welcoming, there’s even a kitchen area for relaxed lunch breaks and for making tea, everything is so well thought through. We students loved the little stove in the winter for added cosiness. The treatment room couldn’t have been better – there’s enough space for everyone, lots of attention to detail, everything is of a high standard.  Deirdre is a great tutor with an abundance of knowledge about Reflexology, both practical and theory. She is calm and kind, always supporting and encouraging. I loved our weekend sessions! Deirdre passed on her passion of Reflexology to me. Over the years I have added both hand and face reflexology, but working on a client’s feet, listening to them and helping to improve health issues still brings me the most joy.

Doris Rabe
Co. Leitrim

I attended Deirdre’s course for Reflexology in 2016/2017 and I can honestly say it has been one the best things I ever did.  We were a small class so there was a very intimate learning environment.  Her premises are so comfortable and relaxing with both the fire and the kettle always on it has a very relaxed atmosphere for learning.  I found Deirdre so knowledgeable and generous with her time, explanations and patience with us all, as we were all at different levels when it came to learning.  Her course was full of content and she is an amazing tutor and I feel very confident with what I have learned from her.  I have kept in contact with Deirdre since I finished in January 2017 and I know she is only a text message away if I have a question which I have had several times.  To anyone thinking of training in Reflexology, I would highly recommend Deirdre to be the one you train with!

Samantha Harte
Co. Leitrim

I attended the Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology in 2015/16 and from day one I was delighted with my choice to study Reflexology here. Deirdre herself is a fountain of knowledge and while there is a lot of content within the course she has it planned and broken down to manageable bite-size information to study and as the course continues brings it all together without overwhelming you.  As a teacher Deirdre has such a passion for her work and students, she makes you feel very welcomed and relaxed within her school environment.  Even though it is 5 years since I graduated, I know I can still contact Deirdre with any queries I have within my own clinic and she will happily help and advise as best she can. If you are considering studying Reflexology I highly recommend the Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology. 

Therese Gallagher
Co. Donegal

I completed my diploma training in reflexology with Deirdre Murray School of Reflexology. The school venue is excellent, warm and comfortable with all facilities that would be required.  Deirdre is an excellent tutor with great skills and knowledge and the delivery of her courses are easy to follow both in education and hands-on training.  Her presentations are very well put together.  Whether you use reflexology in practice or privately this is a very worthwhile course with a skill that you will have for life.  I have attended further advanced courses which Deirdre has either presented herself or organised with other tutors through her school.  These have always been well organised and very informative and of great benefit to me in my reflexology work.  Deirdre also organises and hosts the local Reflexology Network Group, which is a great benefit for practicing reflexologists. She gives freely of her time and venue and is always available for advice.  I highly recommend this course because Reflexology is taught to a very high standard and this prepares you as a therapist for doing reflexology professionally.

Coeurine Murray
Co. Sligo

I am a graduate of the Deirdre Murray school of reflexology and I really enjoyed the course. The course content was meticulously thought out, thorough and concise. The rapport between all of the students was very respectful and was a great forum for exchange of knowledge and information. It was through Deirdre’s extensive knowledge and sharing of this knowledge that promotes and supports this approach throughout the course. Deirdre is very passionate about her work and this is very evident in the way she runs the course. Her teaching of the course is extremely professional. She keeps up to date on all aspects of the course. The school is ideally designed to support the students and this again is down to Deirdre’s professionalism, practicality and passion. She also has  an extensive reference library, where she encourages her students to take books and read. She is open to ideas and ways of working. Her support on the journey for the student after the course is exceptional. She runs and facilitates network meetings in the school for all her students, for exchange of knowledge, treatments and chat. She organises additional professional courses for members and she has set up a ‘What’s App’ group available to all therapists to share information, guidelines and support during this Covid Crisis. She is an active member of the IRIL and she continues to keep all members updated on the latest guidelines with respect to Covid 19. She is approachable and honest and is always willing to give support when asked. I highly recommend the course as Deirdre is a true professional in everything she does.

Martina Larkin
Co. Sligo

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