lava shell massage

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage is a deeply comforting ‘tropical’ holistic treatment using naturally self-heating Tiger Clam Shells as a massage tool.  They are gathered from the sun kissed shores of the Philippines.  Clams are a natural sustainable food source in the Philippines and for hundreds of years the shells were discarded on the beach after the clam was harvested.  They are now being recycled and used by therapists for Lava Shell Massage around the world.  In doing so this also creates employment for many small fishing communities through the Philippines.  The locals gather and prepare the shell by sand polishing them until they are smooth to the touch.  They then cut a small hole in one side and glue them back together ensuring that all sharp edges are sanded smoothly.

How does Lava Shell Massage work?

The shell provides three natural massage surfaces; the smooth flat shell is used for gentle gliding and effleurage movement, the edge is used for stripping the muscle and deeper work, while the natural ‘knuckle’ of the shell is ideal for pressure point work on pseudo points along the meridian pathways of the body, or for working deeper into areas of tension usually held in the shoulder and upper back.  Heat is produced by inserting a ‘gel sachet’ containing sea kelp, dried algae and minerals of magnesium and iron, which is then activated with a mix of salt water and essential oils.  A chemical reaction occurs producing a continuous gentle exothermic heat which lasts for almost an hour, and because of the smooth surface of the shell this adds considerably to the overall treatment resulting in a truly relaxing experience.

What does a treatment involve?

As the heat penetrates deep into the muscle it boosts circulation of the blood and lymph, eases stress and tension, removes toxins and gives relief from everyday aches and pains. Combined with an organic coconut oil which is hydrating, moisturising, and revitalising it makes perfect sense to indulge and treat yourself to a truly exotic massage experience.  Lava Shell Massage is considered as one of the most relaxing holistic therapies on the market today.

What are the benefits of Lava Shell Massage?

  • Blissfully relaxing treatment
  • Boosts the circulation of blood & lymph
  • Eases muscular tension
  • Relieves everyday aches & pains
  • Releases blocked energy in the meridian pathways
  • Restores holistic balance

Treatment Cost?

€55 (3 Treatments €150 T&C apply) Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage

€75 (3 Treatments €210 T&C apply) Full Body Massage

Treatment Duration?

45 mins – Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage

75 mins – Full Body Massage

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