Indian Head Massage Certificate Course – FHT Accreditation

Course Fee &/or Booking Deposit: 250.00

This Indian Head Massage training course from Deirdre Murray Holistic is a stand-alone qualification which is recognised internationally and is an accepted world-wide qualification as a professional kite-mark of excellence.  It certifies that the therapist is professionally trained to the highest standards and qualified to work as an Indian Head Massage Therapist.  This qualification will also enable the therapist to attain independent professional indemnity insurance, and membership of an established professional representative massage/holistic organisation.

Course Fee: €250-

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Indian Head Massage is probably one of the oldest therapies known to man as it has been used for thousands of years.  Healers used massage as an essential skill before conventional medicine.  Historically it is part of the Indian family culture known as ‘Chapissage’ which took on a pivotal role in Indian life fostering bonding and emotional connection within each family unit.  Grandparents pass the skill and technique onto their grandchildren by giving them daily treatments from birth.  Chapissage is classified as Ayurveda (meaning life knowledge) and comes from the ancient Indian text compiled around 1800 BC, and is the root of todays Ayurvedic Medicine.

Narendra Mehta, of India grew up with ‘Chapissage’.  He lost his sight at the age of 1 and subsequently developed a powerful intuitive sense of touch.  He studied physiotherapy in the UK in the 1970’s but became disillusioned with the quality of therapy available there.  He returned to India to perfect his knowledge and is responsible for bringing Indian Head Massage to the West.


  • Stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles
  • Encourages good lymphatic drainage
  • Improves the supply of nutrients for hair growth and repair
  • Helps to replenish and revive the body
  • Relieves built up stress & tension
  • Improves shoulder & neck mobility
  • Helps restore breath work and reduce anxiety
  • Releases locked emotions & negative energies
  • Restores a sense of calm and tranquillity 


Indian Head Massage is a very popular treatment with clients and therapists alike.  It is an ideal add-on to an already existing massage or reflexology diploma.  It expands the list of therapies on offer to the client and opens up the practice to a wider variety of clients.  It is non-invasive and can be provided in the traditional sitting position, or lying on a couch.  The knowledge gained by the therapist can be used to enhance other bodywork treatments and so giving the therapist the edge on their competition. 


The therapist will be taught how to adapt the treatment to a variety of presenting circumstances and so making the treatment very versatile and extending its uses to a wider client base.  Adaptations will be demonstrated for a muscular client, a slightly built client, pregnancy, children, the elderly or  those with intellectual or physical disability.  

  • Duration
    • This course is an independent stand-alone qualification. It has been designed around blended learning which facilitates the student to study the theory element in their own time and via the zoom platform while the practical training will be conducted in a work-shop setting over 1 day.
    • 25 Hours in total – (14 blended learning / 11 home study)
  • Venue
    • Woodville Sligo
    • Zoom training platform when necessary during Covid-19 restrictions
    • The training space is located approx 2km from Sligo town with ample off-road secure free parking. It consists of a theory room and a separate fully equipped practical room, along with private kitchen and toilet facilities.
    • The Theory room has been adapted and is specifically used for holistic training. It accommodates up to 12 learners comfortably.  Lecture settings can be either in formation or individual.   All lectures are delivered through power-point presentation.  Situated on the ground floor it has easy access and ample ventilation.  The space is warm, quiet and comfortable and lends itself to constructive learning.  It consists of a holistic library with over 200 titles on holistic health.
    • The practical therapy room is a fully equipped bright warm cosy space, with a very private quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It sets the tone for holistic therapies, and is an ideal space for getting to grips with the practical techniques and sequences taught on the course.  The students get the opportunity to swop treatments with the bonus of getting to experience the treatment of other student therapists.  The space is equipped with full therapy couches for the added safety and comfort of the students and clients alike.  It represents a clinical setting which instils the professionalism of the training provided on the course.
    • Under normal circumstances practical classes take place on regular training days but in the current Covid-19 restrictions a larger venue has been secured to enable the class to get together under the strict government guidelines of social distancing specifically to ensure a 2m distance between practicing therapists.
  • Cost
    • €250 – A Booking Deposit of €250 is required, of which €100 is non-refundable.
  • Accreditation to
  • Indian Head Massage Certificate is Accredited to the Federation of Holistic Therapists – (FHT)
    • NB – This course is a Certificate Qualification and not just a CPD course
  • In addition, it is recognised by
  • Massage Therapy Association of Ireland – (MTAI)
  • Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI)

This Indian Head Massage training course from Deirdre Murray Holistic is a stand-alone qualification which is recognised internationally and is an accepted world-wide qualification as a professional kite-mark of excellence.  It certifies that the therapist is professionally trained to the highest standards and qualified to work as an Indian Head Massage Therapist.  This qualification will also enable the therapist to attain independent professional indemnity insurance, and membership of an established professional representative massage/holistic organisation.

  • Assessment Process
    • Attend one full day training @ Deirdre Murray Holistic
    • 500 word article on the benefits of Indian Head Massage
    • Complete 3 Treatments in Case Study format in line with schools requirements
    • A&P review
  • CPD
    • 50 CPD points recognised by all therapy associations in Ireland

This course is presented over 6 modules in a blended learning style.  This gives the student  the opportunity to learn the theory remotely before attending the practical element of the training.  In each module the student will learn the foundation for the next, resulting in a ‘building’ of the required knowledge base and experience as the course progresses.  As this is a 1 day CPD course, the student will learn how to complete 3 treatments required in a Case Study format in line with the schools requirements for assessment.  The student will learn to elaborate on their own understanding and interpretation of imbalances found during the treatments.

Module I – Anatomy & Physiology

In this module the student will learn the fundamental and essential tools for the practice of Indian Head Massage through the A&P systems of, The Cell, Skeletal & Muscular Systems, Skin & Hair, Respiratory, Circulation & Lymph and the Nervous System.  The student will also learn the necessary knowledge of the structure and function of the human body in general and specifically the head neck ad should areas.  The student will learn about the inter-relationship between the various systems of the body.  The student will also learn the importance of the emotional involvement in diseases and disorders of the body.

Module II – Theory & Practice

In this module the student will learn the origins of Indian Head Massage and how to provide a professional treatment with care, while taking all the treatment concerns including the benefits, limitations, contraindications and cautions into consideration.  The student will also learn how to document, evaluate and record the findings before during and after the treatment.  The student will learn the principles of therapeutic touch, essential oils for use in the treatment, energy work and therapist care in addition to the specific techniques and sequence which make this therapy a much sought after qualification for therapists.

Module III – Pathology

In this module the student will learn about the specific conditions or diseases affecting the head neck and shoulders of the body most likely to be encountered during the course of providing an Indian Head Massage treatment.

Module IV – Case Studies

The student will learn how to demonstrate their knowledge of the theory and practice of Indian Head Massage They will learn how to present the findings and outcomes of a treatment incorporating the techniques and oils used, while paying particular attention to any underlying issues of the body already covered in A&P & Pathology.

Module V – Carrier & Essential Oils

In this module the student will learn an introduction to using suitable carrier and a selection of specific essential oils which will compliment an Indian Head Massage treatment.  The student will learn the properties and uses, contraindications and cautions, notes, blending, and dilution of this selection of oils to enable them to incorporate the use of these oils to this treatment in order to enhance the experience and effect for the client.

Module VI – Techniques & Sequence

The student will learn basic massage techniques including Effleurage, Pettrisage, Kneading, Friction, & Hacking with each technique having a number of variations to enhance the effect.  The student will also learn a detailed treatment sequence which incorporates six areas of the body working each one separately but inter connecting and flowing into the other to create a continuous treatment which should be both effective and relaxing.

Deirdre Murray Holistic 

Deirdre Murray established her training school in Sligo in 2006 as a centre of excellence for training in Reflexology and related CPD courses.  This has now expanded to other holistic therapies.  The ethos of the school has always been to provide the highest possible level of professionalism to each and every student, coupled with individual attention to detail while maintaining the holism and purity of the therapy itself.  All courses are designed by Reflexologists for Reflexologists. 

In 2012 the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) became the main accreditation body for the Diploma and Certificate Courses.  Deirdre Murray Holistic was the first reflexology school registered in Ireland to meet the strict criteria and offer this accreditation for the Diploma in Reflexology. FHT is an internationally recognised organisation.  It is the leading and largest therapy association for Holistics in Ireland and the UK.  It ensures the highest standard and quality of training available with emphasis on professional standards.  It holds recognition within the holistic industry internationally.  Deirdre chose this accreditation because of this exceptionally high standard and now teaches FHT Diploma and Certificate levels in addition to many holistic CPD courses.

The School has an excellent reputation and is the preferred location of choice for holistic training in the North West of Ireland.  Students travel from many counties to attend the variety of holistic training courses on offer in this holistic centre of excellence.  It is also recognised by all the leading therapy organisations including 

  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd
  • Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland
  • Irish Massage Therapy Association
  • Association of Reflexologists (UK)
  • National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland

Deirdre Murray Tutor

 Deirdre Murray is a practicing Reflexologist and member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI) since 1997.  She opened her private practice in Sligo town in 2000 offering a range of holistic therapies.  From 2006-2011 Deirdre was an active member of the IRI Schools Committee which was motivational in maintaining the highest standard of training and education in Reflexology in Ireland.  She was appointed Director/Educational Officer of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute in 2016 and has held that voluntary post to date.

She has trained extensively in all aspects of Holistic Health over the past 24 years, and holds qualifications and practices the following therapies at her private clinical practice:-

Reflexology, (including Advanced, Hand Reflexology, Cancer Care, Clinical, Multiple Sclerosis, Maternity, Infertility, Pregnancy, and Foot Reading), Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu-TCM, Thai Foot Massage, Sotaii, Moxibustion & Cupping, Auricular Therapy, Hot Stone, Lava Shell and Heated Bamboo Massage.

In addition to her private clinical practice, Deirdre provides holistic treatments to service users with MS and other neurological conditions at MS North West Therapy Centre in Sligo & also at Woodhaven Holiday Support Facility  She has 8 years experience of working with palliative care at North West Hospice.

Experiencing the many benefits of regular Reflexology treatments for women, Deirdre did extensive research and courses on Reflexology for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, and recognises the many benefits that holistic treatment can bring to women at any stage of life.

  • Recognising the need for a therapy support group, Deirdre founded the ‘Woodville Network’ of holistic therapists in 2009 in order to support therapists of the North West, particularly those newly qualified, and to promote the therapy of Reflexology. She hosts network meetings in her school on a monthly basis where treatment swops, discussions, presentations, and demonstrations take place. It’s an opportunity for therapists to gain the valuable CPD points to be compliant with their annual association membership renewal requirements. This facility is open to all qualified therapists and all are welcome.
  • Deirdre has organised specialist post graduate training courses brining Irish and International tutors to Sligo and attended by therapists from the four corners of Ireland. This has facilitated the progression, growth, and quality of reflexology in Ireland.
  • As a therapist Deirdre is a registered member of
    • The Irish Reflexologists Institute,
    • Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK),
    • Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland,
    • Irish Massage Therapy Association. 
  • Deirdre has undertaken instruction and training in Niche Reflexology studies with the following National and International tutors who specialise in various aspects of Reflexology Training 
    • Beryl Crane – Canada
    • Chris Stormer-Fryer – South Africa
    • Jesus Manzanares – Spain
    • Peter Mackereth – UK
    • Jane Sheehan – UK
    • Lua McIllraith – Ireland
    • Martina Barrett – Ireland
    • Mauricio Kruchik – Israel
    • Pat Hickey – Ireland
    • Pauline O’Hagan – Ireland
  • During the recent Covid-19 pandemic the Irish Government through FICTA (Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations) required therapy representative organisations to compile a set of guidelines for the safe return to work of therapists with particular emphasis on health and safety protocols and standard operating procedures. Deirdre was a member of a small working group from the IRI Board of Directors that played a pivotal role in adapting, compiling and presenting these documents on behalf of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute to its members which was favourably received and provided guidance for the safe return to work. 

 FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists

  • The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the UK’s largest professional association representing thousands of therapists while ensuring high standards in therapy education and practice since 1962. They support a broad range of specialisms – from sports and remedial therapies, to complementary healthcare and holistic beauty treatments – the FHT is the association of choice for professional therapists.

The FHT is governed by an elected council of members who oversee a permanent team of FHT staff, many of whom are also qualified therapists.  At the heart of every decision and service provided by FHT is to help support, advance and protect the members interests and career progression as professional therapists.

IMTA – Irish Massage Therapists Association

The Irish Massage Therapists Association was founded in 1990 as a highly respected professional body providing self regulation for the massage and bodywork industry in Ireland.  It represents professionalism, ethics and high standards in training and continuous professional development and supports members interests at national and European level.

  • General Information
    • This course is a Certificate course which is a higher standard than most CPD courses on offer in Ireland at the present time. The syllabus is quite extensive and incorporates every aspect necessary for the therapist to practice Indian Head Massage with confidence and autonomy.  The course is the ideal add-on to an existing therapy and is very achievable over a short period of time. The quality of research, presentation delivery and training of this course is exceptional.  Therapists seeking to be trained to a very high standard choose this course.  All modules are delivered through power point presentations along with teaching aids and demonstrations.
  • Course Books / Handouts / Charts
    • A comprehensive set of course notes and charts are provided
  • Equipment / Materials
    • Practical Work-shops – Kit bag containing
      • 1 large flat sheet
      • 1 small neck support
      • 1 large bath towel
      • 1 medium towel
      • 1 small hand towel
      • Jar Coconut oil with dispenser stick
      • Clip-board, pen, pencil, & markers
    • Theory Sessions
      • A4 folder with polly-pockets
      • Jotter, pens, highlighters etc
  • Reading List
    • The Art of Indian Head Massage Mary Atkinson
    • Indian Head Massage a Practical Guide Muriel Burnham-Airey
    • Indian Head Massage Francesca Gould
    • Understanding Indian Head Massage Kush Kumar
    • Indian Head massage Essential Guide Mary Dalgleish
    • Indian Head Massage Burnham-Airey
    • Indian Head Massage Narendra Mehta
    • The Complete Book of Essential Oils Valerie Ann Worwood
    • Essential Oil Safety Robert Tisserand

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