indian head massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has its roots in India where it has been practiced for thousands of years.  As a form of massage it is probably one of the oldest therapies known.  Massage has always been considered an essential skill with emphasis placed on the grandmother of the family to ensure the tradition is passed on to the younger generations.  Narendra Mehta is credited with bringing Indian Head Massage to the west in the 1970’s.  As a young child he lost his sight, and grew up in India with an emphasis on touch and particularly ‘Chapissage’, which was commonly used daily by the women folk to foster bonding and emotional connection within the family unit and particularly with babies and children.  While in London studying physiotherapy he decided to establish an IHM training school bringing his expertise and personal knowledge to all who trained with him.

How does Indian Head Massage work?

The value of Indian Head Massage is deeper than cosmetic as it stimulates the flow of blood to the hair follicles improving the supply of nutrients for hair growth and repair.  Massage is communication without words.  It helps to replenish and revive the body relieving it of everyday stresses and strains.  With the growth of energy therapies comes the familiarity of the concept of energy flow in the body and the chakra system.  The principal is the same as all energy therapies.  Three of the seven chakras are incorporated into the Indian Head Massage routine.  A series of techniques including Effleurage, Pettrisage, Kneading, Friction and Hacking combined with stimulation of the meridian lines is fundamental to releasing blocked channels and energy pathways.

What does a treatment involve?

The traditional treatment was seated with supports but now this can be adapted to a couch therapy if preferred.  Oil is not necessary in the treatment but it is used successfully to reduce skin drag and coupled with the scientific evidence of oils it proves most beneficial.  The treatment is designed to promote tranquillity and a sense of calm while helping to relieve muscular and skeletal tension and improving posture.  It balances the physical, mental and spiritual body and soothes and heals the soul.  It incorporates the upper shoulders, neck, head, face and ears in a therapeutic treatment.

What are the benefits?

  • Conditions the hair with the natural oils of the head
  • Eases mental stress which is instrumental in fostering many forms of illness
  • Induces relaxation of the muscles of the upper body improving mobility
  • Relieves eye strain and tension of neck and shoulders
  • Aids insomnia and reduces the possibility of nightmares
  • Decreases the Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Improves the texture and tone of the skin
  • Releases endorphins and restores energy to the body

Treatment Cost

€50 (3 Treatments €135 T&C apply)

Treatment Duration

45 mins

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