Zen Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese body therapy practiced on a futon (a Japanese sleeping mat) on the floor.  It has been practiced in Japan for many centuries as a therapy to maintain health and wellbeing.  The Japanese word Shiatsu means ”thumb pressure”.  This therapy aims to help rebalance the body’s energy or Qi (also referred to as Chi).  Qi is an intangible resource that exists in various degrees throughout the meridian pathways of the body.   The complex theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be interpreted through the Five Element Theory and applied to the treatment of Zen Shiatsu.  The meridians are paired up into elements with each element having a Yin and a Yang meridian concept.  Shizuto Masunaga developed Zen Shiatsu, which incorporates an extended meridian system and the Kyo / Jitsu tonification principle to stimulate the body’s own self healing.

How does Shiatsu work?

Shiatsu aims to help balance this Yin & Yang of each element and maintain its balance to sustain health.  Each meridian is linked to an organ of the body and has a number of acu points along the pathway.  The Qi of that organ can be assessed by palpating the meridians and acu points along its path, known as pseudo points.  Shiatsu uses influences to determine imbalances in the body, the main one being a Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, whose history stretches back many centuries, along with a Zen Shiatsu theory, the 5 element theory, which applies practical techniques to read the body’s Qi.  In health a balanced condition prevails, Qi flows smoothly along the meridians, supplying and maintaining all parts of the body.  When weakened or imbalanced by ill health caused by lifestyle, or physical/emotional stress, Qi no longer flows smoothly, becoming deficient or excessive and so leaves the body exposed to ill health.

What does a treatment involve?

A treatment involves the use of gentle pressure on specific points and pathways of the body.  The therapist uses thumbs, hands, feet or elbows while stretching and manipulating the pathways.  This stimulates the flow of energy and helps the healing process in a similar way to acupuncture, but without needles.  It is facilitated through loose clothing enhancing.  During the treatment there is a continuous process of listening and acting on the findings.  Pressure is dispersed evenly and slowly until the sense of Qi is felt.  A Shiatsu treatment is often accompanied by another Japanese physical therapy called Sotaii.

What are the benefits?

  • Restores and rebalances the Yin & Yang of the meridian pathways
  • Stimulates the body’s own self healing mechanism
  • De-stresses the body and helps prevent a further build-up
  • Helps clear toxins and boosts immunity
  • Improves posture and releases muscle tension

Treatment Cost

€60 (3 Treatments €170 T&C apply)

Treatment Duration

60 mins

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