Sotaii is a form of movement therapy popular in Japan.  It is also referred to as Sotai-ho.  It was developed by a Japanese medical doctor, Dr. Keizo Hashimoto (1897-1993) and is based on traditional eastern Asian medicine in conjunction with his medical skill and knowledge.  Japan is noted for its exercise regime called ‘Tai-so’ which is a defined regimented programme of exercise practiced and enforced throughout all educational and business establishments in Japan.    The Sotaii theory was devised to assist the body to live within our environment in a harmonious way leading to health and wellbeing.   It states that there should not be stiffness or pain, and if these exist the person should reflect, and take time to heal.

How does Sotaii work?

Dr. Hashimoto developed Sotai-ho as a more relaxed and gentler alternative to restore health and bring balance to the body.  The purpose of the therapy is to help the body maintain and restore its natural balance.  It brings about muscular relaxation by bringing the breath and movement into harmony with each other and in line with the natural range of motion of the body.  The treatment works by performing stretches and movements in the opposite direction from any discomfort or pain.  This stretching helps to open out the channels, releasing energetic blockages, and so restores the free flow of energy through the meridian pathways resulting in improved flexibility and so restored energy for use in the body.

What does a treatment involve?

The treatment requires co-operation from the client but even though there is a level of participation from the client it can be a very relaxing therapy to experience.  Dr. Hashimoto believed that by living well, in a holistic way, health would prevail, but he also believed that this process was the responsibility of each individual.  He believed that the four essential natural principles of life included Breath, Moving, Thought, and Ingestion were interrelated and required a conscious effort to maintain a healthy balance as without this there would be disease and imbalance, which are often not noticed until they produce pain.

What are the benefits?

  • Brings the essential processes into balance
  • Harmonises the natural principles to maintain a life balance
  • Eases muscular stress and tension
  • Relieves minor aches & pains
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Releases energetic blockages in the joints enhancing movement and flow

Treatment Cost

€50 (3 Treatments €135 T&C apply) Back/Head/Neck/Shoulder

€60 (3 Treatments €170 T&C apply) Full Body

Treatment Duration

30 mins – Back/Neck/Head/Shoulder

50 mins – Full Body

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