heated bamboo massage

Heated Bamboo Massage

Bamboo is classified as a giant grass, of which there are over 1200 species in the world.  Its rapid growth of 30cm an hour ensures its future for generations to come – an ecological and sustainable resource.  The root system is sustained as the crop is culled and used mainly for domestic purposes including furniture and clothes.  A massage technique utilising heated bamboo sticks is one of the modern variations of exotic, de-lux treatments currently available in the ‘high-end’ spa industry.  In China, Japan, and Indonesia however, it has been part of their healing custom and ritual from ancient times symbolising peace, harmony, strength and longevity.  Sticks are called Chu Sticks in China and because of their strength and flexibility can be incorporated with other mediums to enhance the treatment such as Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Acu-pressure, Reiki, or TCM – cupping.

How does Heated Bamboo Massage work?

Varying lengths, dimensions and compositions of bamboo are used in this treatment and each stick has a specific role and purpose.   Because of the movements involved the sticks work particularly well on the fascia.  They release endorphins which act as natural painkillers, stimulating the body’s natural healing ability.  They are very versatile and allow the therapist to adjust the pressure with ease and penetrate deeper into the muscle, effectively picking up muscle tension in much the same way as during a body massage.  The sticks maintain a constant temperature and this solid soothing but gentle heat adds to the luxurious feeling.   They are easily cleaned, and sanitised as the composition of bamboo has anti-bacterial properties making it an ideal massage tool.

What does a treatment involve?

The procedure is similar to Aromatherapy Massage/Hot-Stone Massage.  The body is cocooned in heated towels while just exposing the area being worked.  Oil is applied to facilitate the easy glide of the sticks ensuring a very comfortable feeling and allowing the client to relax quickly into the treatment.  The stick use can be adapted in all directions.  Larger sticks are best used to stretch and lengthen the fascia and knead the muscles, while the shorter sticks are used to access more precise pressure points and smaller muscle groups.  When used effectively they feel like an extension of the therapists hands enabling deeper and effective palpation of the muscle fibres.

What are the benefits?

  • Promotes circulation & sensory nerve perception
  • Improves circulation and supports optimum lymphatic drainage
  • Deeply relaxes the body enhancing  sleep quality and mood
  • Facilitates work on deeper muscles releasing stagnation
  • Disperses toxins from the muscles & restores vitality
  • Oxygenates the skin making it appear more supple

Treatment Cost

€55 (3 Treatments €150 T&C apply) Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage

€75 (3 Treatments €210 T&C apply) Full Body Massage

Treatment Duration

45 mins – Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage

75 mins – Full Body Massage

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