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Deirdre Murray Holistic 

Deirdre Murray established her training school in Sligo in 2006.  The accreditation for the Diploma in Reflexology course, content, and venue were examined by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute, the primary association representing Reflexologists in Ireland. The ethos of the school has always been to provide the highest possible level of professionalism to each and every student, coupled with individual attention to detail while maintaining the holism and purity of the therapy itself.  All courses are designed by Reflexologists for Reflexologists.  In 2011 the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute discontinued its accreditation programme and support structure for the education of Reflexology in Ireland and so the school had to seek an alternative accreditation programme for its course (originally drawn up in line with the ethos and teaching of the Institute based on the renowned teaching and understanding of the therapy by Eunice Ingham).  

In 2012, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) became the main accreditation body for the Diploma Course and Deirdre Murray Holistic was the first reflexology school registered in Ireland to meet the strict criteria and offer this accreditation. FHT is an internationally recognised organisation.  It is the leading and largest therapy association for Holistics in Ireland and the UK.  It offers the highest standard and quality of training available with emphasis on professional standards.  It holds recognition within the holistic industry internationally.  Deirdre chose this accreditation because of this exceptionally high standard and now teaches FHT Diploma and Certificate levels in addition to many holistic CPD courses.

The School has an excellent reputation and is the preferred location of choice for holistic training in the North West of Ireland.  Students travel from many counties to attend the variety of holistic training courses on offer in this holistic centre of excellence.  It is also recognised by all the leading therapy organisations including 

  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd
  • Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland
  • Irish Massage Therapy Association
  • Association of Reflexologists (UK)
  • National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland 

Deirdre Murray Tutor 

Deirdre Murray is a practicing Reflexologist and member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI) since 1997.  She opened her private practice in Sligo town in 2000 offering a range of holistic therapies.  From 2006-2011 Deirdre was an active member of the IRI Schools Committee which was motivational in maintaining the highest standard of training and education in Reflexology in Ireland.  She was appointed Director/Educational Officer of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute in 2016 and has held that voluntary post to date.

She has trained extensively in all aspects of Holistic Health over the past 24 years, and holds qualifications and practices the following therapies at her private clinical practice:-

Reflexology, (including Advanced, Hand Reflexology, Cancer Care, Clinical, Multiple Sclerosis, Maternity, Infertility, Pregnancy, and Foot Reading), Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu-TCM, Thai Foot Massage, Sotaii, Moxibustion & Cupping, Auricular Therapy, Hot Stone, Lava Shell and Heated Bamboo Massage.

In addition to her private clinical practice, Deirdre provides holistic treatments to service users with MS and other neurological conditions at MS North West Therapy Centre in Sligo www.mstherapycentre.ie & also at Woodhaven Holiday Support Facility woodhaven.ie. She has 8 years experience of working with palliative care at North West Hospice.

Experiencing the many benefits of regular Reflexology treatments for women, Deirdre did extensive research and courses on Reflexology for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, and recognises the many benefits that holistic treatment can bring to women at any stage of life.

  • Recognising the need for a therapy support group, Deirdre founded the ‘Woodville Network’ of holistic therapists in 2009 in order to support therapists of the North West, particularly those newly qualified, and to promote the therapy of Reflexology. She hosts network meetings in her school on a monthly basis where treatment swops, discussions, presentations, and demonstrations take place. It’s an opportunity for therapists to gain the valuable CPD points to be compliant with their annual association membership renewal requirements. This facility is open to all qualified therapists and all are welcome.
  • Deirdre has organised specialist post graduate training courses brining Irish and International tutors to Sligo and attended by therapists from the four corners of Ireland. This has facilitated the progression, growth, and quality of reflexology in Ireland.
  • As a therapist Deirdre is a registered member of
    • The Irish Reflexologists Institute,
    • Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK),
    • Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland,
    • Irish Massage Therapy Association. 
  • Deirdre has undertaken instruction and training in Niche Reflexology studies with the following National and International tutors who specialise in various aspects of Reflexology Training 
    • Beryl Crane – Canada
    • Chris Stormer-Fryer – South Africa
    • Jesus Manzanares – Spain
    • Peter Mackereth – UK
    • Jane Sheehan – UK
    • Lua McIllraith – Ireland
    • Martina Barrett – Ireland
    • Mauricio Kruchik – Israel
    • Pat Hickey – Ireland
    • Pauline O’Hagan – Ireland
  • During the recent Covid-19 pandemic the Irish Government through FICTA (Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations) required therapy representative organisations to compile a set of guidelines for the safe return to work of therapists with particular emphasis on health and safety protocols and standard operating procedures. Deirdre was a member of a small working group from the IRI Board of Directors that played a pivotal role in adapting, compiling and presenting these documents on behalf of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute to its members which was favourably received and provided guidance for the safe return to work. 

FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists

  • The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the UK’s largest professional association representing thousands of therapists while ensuring high standards in therapy education and practice since 1962. They support a broad range of specialisms – from sports and remedial therapies, to complementary healthcare and holistic beauty treatments – the FHT is the association of choice for professional therapists. 

The FHT is governed by an elected council of members who oversee a permanent team of FHT staff, many of whom are also qualified therapists.  At the heart of every decision and service provided by FHT is to help support, advance and protect the members interests and career progression as professional therapists.       www.fht.org.uk 

IRIL – Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

  • The Irish Reflexologists’ Institute was established in Ireland in 1985 based on the teachings of Eunice Ingham and the Association of Reflexologists UK. The organisation was set up to promote, train, monitor and maintain the standards of the therapy in Ireland.  Today it is the only non-profit organisation representing Reflexologists in Ireland.  It is run by a voluntary Board of Directors, all qualified reflexologists’ taken from the membership of the organisation, who are voted in by the members at its Annual General Meeting. 
  • The organisation aims to protect, improve and preserve holistic health by promoting the knowledge, practice education and expertise of reflexology. It acts in an advisory role to both its members and the public on Reflexology issues, and maintains a register of therapists who are trained to a professional standard in both Reflexology and First Aid, and are fully insured in line with Government legislation for the industry. It continues to regulate the professional and ethical standards while recognising all methods of treatment consistent with the guidelines set out by the organisation. It promotes the education and maintains exceptional high standards of practice which greatly enhances the growth and development of the therapy. The IRI is a member of FICTA in Ireland and RIEN in Europe to further advance the promotion and development of the therapy. Further information is available at    reflexology.ie

 ARCHTI – Association of Registered Complementary Holistic Therapists of Ireland

ARCHTI is a non-profit voluntary multi-therapy representative organisation for fully qualified, insured and accredited professional holistic therapists in Ireland.  It provides support to its members from the four corners of Ireland to protect their need to practice while promoting the voluntary self-regulating sector in Ireland.   www.irishtherapists.ie