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The Gurus’ Guide to Reflexology Book 1 – Jane Sheehan – Price €35     €32.50

This book contains 17 reflexology and holistic therapy Gurus sharing their knowledge and amazing reflexology and holistic therapy ideas. Suitable for beginners & experienced reflexologists.

Part I

  • Foot Reading by Jane Sheehan
  • Animal reflexology by Yvette Eastman
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology by Sharon Stathis
  • Auricular Therapy by Allison Walker
  • Dien Chan Zone Multi-Reflexology by Helen Black
  • Gentle Touch Reflexology by Sue Ricks
  • Inner Intent by Allison Walker
  • Metamorphic Technique by Prue Whelan
  • Precision Reflexology by Jan Williamson
  • Childrens Reflexology Programme by Susan Quayle
  • Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) by Lynne Booth
  • Adapted Reflextherapy by Gunnel Berry

Part 2

  • Aromatherapy for Reflexology by Penny Price
  • Bach Flower Remedies for animals by Agnes Schmitz
  • Coaching in your therapy practice by Kerry Hales
  • Tellington Ttouch(tm) by Linda Tellington
  • A journey of my feet by Phil Nuttridge

Lets Read our Feet – 2nd Edition – Jane Sheehan – €17.50       €15.00

Jane refers to this book in her workshops & courses and is strongly recommended to purchase before taking the course.  This is the first book in her series to teach you how to read feet.  Learn the fascinating secrets that feet reveal about you, your partner, your family, the bloke next to you on the sun lounger on holiday or just anybody who walks past in bare feet! Your trips to the shoe shop or the swimming pool will never be the same again.  Learn whether you are a princess or a carthorse. What do Verrucae say about you? Why do you get recurrent athlete’s foot? Why would Cinderella’s glass slipper never have fitted?

Read “Let’s read our feet!” to find out the answers…  Learn whether you are a princess or a carthorse.  What do Verrucae say about you?  Why do you get recurrent athlete’s foot?
Why would Cinderella’s glass slipper never have fitted?

The Foot Reading Coach – Jane Sheehan –  €17.50        €15.00

This is the second book in Jane’s series and Jane takes the information further by providing coaching tips that can be used with foot reading.

The coaching tips are presented within the relevant toe chapter. Whether you are a foot reading practitioner who wants to add to your skills or whether you have just had your feet read for the first time – there’ll be something in this book for you.

Foot Reading Poster – Jane Sheehan – €14.00        €12.00

Originally issued as an A1 sized glossy poster as per illustration, it has now been reissued as an A3 laminated poster detailing different aspects of foot reading and including the emotional map of the dorsal and plantar aspects of the foot. An extra column was added to detail interpretations for bunions, skin colour, leaning toes and extra toes.  It’s clear, concise, and beautifully illustrated. It’s a good companion to the book “Let’s Read our Feet!” Jane hears all sorts of questions from her students and she felt a quick reference guide such as this poster would be just the thing.  With a poster on the wall the therapist will be able to see at a glance what the different aspects of the feet mean. It also acts as a conversation starter. Foot reading is rather addictive and everyone loves learning about themselves!”



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The Gurus’ Guide to Reflexology Book 1, The Foot Reading Coach, Lets Read our Feet – 2nd Edition, Foot Reading Poster


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